Beyblade Burst Beginner Guide for Parents

Beyblade Burst Beginner Guide for Parents


Date: 08-Oct-2017

Hello Beyblade Fans, I am the CTO (Chef Toy Officer) of Toffee Express. Recently, I have spoken to a lot of parents/customers and I have realised that I should write a very simple beginner guide for parents so that they can understand and enjoy Beyblade game together with their kids. Playing with kids will improve family relationship and not only physical but also strategy thinking to win the game.


Beyblade Equipment

To start, you need basic Beyblade equipment.  I have compiled a very simple formula:

“Beyblade equipment” = (1 x Bey-stadium) + (2 x Beyblades) + (2x Bey-launchers)


Bey Stadium = official plastic bucket where players can launch the Beyblade inside for battle.

That is, you need this:

Beyblade Burst B19 Stadium


Hasbro Blue Stadium



Beyblade (a.k.a. Bey)  = the spinning object that represent you during the battle.  The Bey consist of 3 layers (or sometimes 4 in the God Series).  The layers are:

  1. Beyblade Tops - top layer that represent the Bey, each Bey has unique functionality during the game.
  2. Middle Disc – a metal disc that helps stable the bey during the game.
  3. Driver – the main point of contact on the ground (bey stadium) which determine the Bey spin direction and speed.

Here is some example:

Beyblade Burst Zillion Zeus


Beyblade Burst XCulibur


Bey-Launcher = a device that player hold on firmly to launch the bey.  (tips: the hold hand must be gripped firmly during launching otherwise the bey will go out of position)

That is, you need this:

Beyblade B45 Long Winder Launcher


Beyblade Burst B70 Sword Launcher



You need at least 2 players to start the game. Please game instruction section.


Game Instruction

General Safety Rules:

  • Suggested age group is 8+.
  • DO NOT lean over stadium when tops are in play. Do not use stadium on tables or other elevated surfaces
  • WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 8 years.
  • At all time, ensure your surround is clear because your elbow may be obstructed by external objects during the game. each player must ensure there are no obstacle/people around them
  • Remove or Dispose of all packaging (including polybags) safely before giving to children
  • Be careful of the potential entanglement hazard with neck, hairs or fingers if there are strings, wires, wheels, or rolling parts in the product.
  • Do not modify this product or any of the included components. Do not give the product to children under target age. Let children play under parental supervision.
  • The Beyblade can only be launched into Beyblade Burst Stadium.

Bey Assemble instruction:

  • Put the tip into the Disc
  • The put the tip and disc into the top layer.
  • twist gently to lock into the layer.

Launch instruction:

  • put the ripcord into the launcher where the hole indicates "IN"
  • put the bey into the launcher, route gently to lock in the position.
  • Hold the launcher firmly with your left hand and position the launcher above the stadium with the Bey directly facing the Stadium.
  • When then game start, put the ripcord GENTLY out from the launcher while left hand holding the launcher firmly.
  • Here is another tip:  Look at your opponent eye and see what strategy they want to use for the game.

During the game:

  • At all time, do not touch the moving Beyblade or try to interrupt the moving bey.
  • AGAIN, stay clear from the stadium during battle.
  • Until all beys are stopped, player can then pick up their own beys in the stadium.
  • There are three types of win:
  1. Survivor Finish -if your opponent Bey top stops spinning before yours
  2. Ring Out Finish - if you knock opponent's Bey top out of the ring.
  3. Burst Finish - if your opponent Bey's top bursts in the battle, it is a Burst Finish.
  • Battle can be only play with official Beyblade Burst Tops.  (for example, do not battle with Beyblade metal fury or non-official Beyblade Burst tops)





Large floor space


You should play Beyblade on the floor. Not on the table or near any breakable items (e.g. TV or window) as sometimes, Beyblade can come out from the stadium.



  So the final formula is:

“Beyblade Equipment” + “Players” + “Game Instruction” + “Large Floor Space” = GAME ON

I hope you enjoy my explanation on Beyblade Burst Game.



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